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There are a number of credit card programs for personal or business use that have rewards programs. The programs let you accumulate points for each purchase, and then trade in the points for either travel Louis Vuitton outlet bags, gifts, gift cards, or cash back. These programs, in effect, let you earn money when you spend money, but they often carry a higher interest rate than credit card programs without rewards. They make sense, though, if you usually pay off most or all of your balance each month. If you opt for a card with a cash back rewards program, look to see if there is cap on the amount of cash back rewards you can earn per month or per year, and if so, what that cap is.

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To put this in context, the actions we are announcing today are a replica Louis Vuitton bags series of initiatives, which began with the move to Charlotte, and the decision to expand our salads business by offering, private label salads, and will result in a continued restructuring of our current organization. The move together with the changes we are announcing will lower our fixed cost base and are expected to increase Chiquita's profitability in the next six months by reducing expenses and allowing also focus in our core businesses bananas and salads. I'm going to ask Brian to take us through our second quarter results and expand on the plans to improve our profitability short term. Brian?

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Power Sell One highly profitable eBay business idea is the concept of power selling. eBay takes several things into consideration when determining who power sellers are; but for the most part, it doesn't really matter if you have power seller credibility, as long as you are making the amount of money that you are shooting for. A power seller badge is a nice thing to have on your seller profile, as it may help more buyers to trust you. However, it's not necessary. The real concept of power selling is simple. Sell a high quantity of goods distributed throughout a limited niche.

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